Noema Systems provides cutting edge solutions supporting clients in mortgage servicing and hedge fund industries. Our focus areas are in customized solutions in mortgage servicing, BI & Analytics and building big data products and solutions. We provide technology consulting services for all stages of Software Development Life Cycle whether clients follow the traditional waterfall method, Agile software development or Kanban.

We can work with business and IT stakeholders to put together the scope of a project or come in later and work with your Business Analyst or IT to kick start development once the project scope has been defined.

Dedicated Resource model works best in an Agile or Kanban approach where business needs are constantly changing and an iterative development approach is followed to constantly evolve existing software systems. Your IT and business stakeholders are actively involved in managing project priorities and defining iteration backlogs. You can add extra resources at short notice when you have to meet tight deadlines or see a surge in backlog. Our dedicated resource pool can be compared with a virtual machine environment where you can add new virtual machines on the fly during high load time.

Mortgage Servicing Solutions

Noema's Mortgage Servicing solutions allows clients to manage costs and expedite loan servicing without impacting accuracy, reliability and compliance:

Analytics & BI Solutions

Powerful and affordable high performance data management platform. Create performance tracking reports or dashboard summaries to facilitate analysis and evaluation.

Features and Capabilities
Easy to build performance metrics Increased visibility
Proprietary tools Easy integration with legacy systems
Increased efficiencies and savings Identify and fix performance bottlenecks
Custom Big data solution Recognize new revenue streams

Big Data Solutions & Products

We support our customers in big data, starting the engagement with architecture design, business model creation, and then leading to integration of big data sources. For customers who are already using big data platforms; we offer optimizations, unique competences, and platform development in various models.

We offer diverse outsourcing solutions with strong coding teams and methodology based testing services throughout the development phase, as well as advanced testing for continuity and security.

We provide technology consultation, analytic support resources, hosting analytics platforms, and rescue services in case of unexpected failures. Our experienced team can provide maintenance services of complex business intelligence environments. We deliver support and operations with industry leading SLAs. We offer full spectrum spanning from risk management to fraud detection.

Fixed Cost vs. Dedicated Resources

Fixed Cost model works best in a traditional waterfall method where scope is already defined and very few changes to the scope are expected. This may be the best model if your business process is well defined and stakeholders have a clear vision of the end product. This model includes a three month post-production support.

On-Site vs. Off-Site

Noema Systems can offer On-Site and Off-Site resources depending on your need. Off-Site resources offer huge cost advantages over on-site resources. Off-site resources can travel to your location for project delivery or hand over to IT internal staff.